God of War Ragnarok
God of War Ragnarok tem trailer revelado
Aragami 2
Aragami 2 trailer
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 2022 trailer teaser
Sonic Colors Ultimate
Sonic Colors Rise of the Wisps teaser
Sonic Colors Ultimate
Sonic Colors Ultimate trailer
Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2 teaser revelado, “Are you Dying 2 know more?”
State of Play
State of Play começará em breve, assista aqui
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat trailer oficial
The Medium
The Medium trailer de lançamento
Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Showcase hoje as 19:00
The Medium
The Medium trailer live action
Boundary trailer anunciado
Fall Guys
Fall Guys Skins de Doom trailer
Death Stranding
Death Stranding Cyberpunk 2077 Hacking
Death Stranding
Death Strading com conteúdos Cyberpunk 2077
The Game Awards
The Game Awards 2020 hoje as 20:15
Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter World Iceborne trailer revelado com missões inspiradas no filme
The Medium
The Medium trailer “The Threats”
Mortal Kombat 11
Mortal Kombat 11 Klassic MK Movie Skin Pack revelada
Gods Will Fall
Gods Will Fall Trailer Oficial
uncharted 4 new
Star Wars actor left Uncharted 4 cast after ‘weird changes’

Uncharted 4 lost its writer and then its director in early 2014 amid allegations that…

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Final Fantasy XV’s City of Lestallum Discovered in Episode Duscae Demo by Exploring Fan

When they released the 2.0 version of Final Fantasy XV‘s demo Episode Duscae, the good…

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Former Dead Island 2 Dev Says Losing Project Was a “Catastrophic” Blow

Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager is no longer working on zombie game Dead Island…

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Rock Band 4 Getting Rock Band 3 Song Importing Soon

Harmonix has published a blog post detailing how importing songs into Rock Band 4 from…

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Yoshi’s Woolly World – So Many Patterns Trailer

Find all five Wonder Wools in each level of Yoshi’s Woolly World to unlock different…

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Hyrule Warriors: Legends – Wind Waker Campaign Gameplay

We get our hands on Hyrule Warriors: Legends – Wind Waker Campaign, explore and head…

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Metal Gear Online – Comm Control Highlights

Metal Gear Online launched for consoles with three modes. In Comm Control, teams must either…

Blood Bowl 2 – Bretonnian Jousting Gameplay

The famous Human team Reikland Reavers perform some of the basic moves that make the…

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Witcher 3’s First Paid Expansion Out Now

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone is at once a horror story, a romance, a character study,…

Watch Fallout 4’s New Live-Action Trailer

Sony announces PS4 price drop, video game voice actors are ready to strike over working…

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch Goes Live

A long-awaited update patch, expected to fix a litany of problems with the PC edition of Batman: Arkham…

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Until Dawn Highlights and Biggest Scares

Mary played Until Dawn until dawn live the day it came out. Here’s a compilation…

FIFA 16 – Vanishing Spray Gameplay

The vanishing spray made popular during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil has finally…

Ubisoft TV Layer WD Release tridion 1500x844 146233
Quick Look: Watch Dogs

Watch an extended play through of Ubisoft’s latest open-world adventure featuring the Giant Bomb crew.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be more than just a game

Horizon Hero Dawn came as a surprise to many after it was unveiled earlier this…